My most recent EP is called TALK IN PICTURES and is available on  Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube et. al.  

  • TALK IN PICTURES: Television, Treasure Chest, Ding, Harley Benson, I Wanna Go Surfing, Okay.
  • Other Songs: Bouncing, Into The Ocean, Wasting Watching, Chasing The Wind, King Of Them All, Way Back To The Start, Climb The Ladder. 

JJ Live Podcast

JJ Live is a podcast full of great conversations about the careers that people choose, and how that shapes their life. Conversations that I hope will give you something, advice, a realisation, an idea. My hope is that this might spark something for you, and cause you to think about the path you may take. The people interviewed on this podcast are the ones who chose to create their future, I hope you do too.

How: I interview a variety of different people, and I discuss with them the career they’ve chosen and they share their wisdom, how they got to where they are, the things they’d do differently, and any advice they have for the younger generation trying to find their way in their careers or interested in a job like their own.

Why: A lot of kids fresh out of school have no idea what they want to do, and rightfully so, because they’re under intense pressure to know and choose their career path, only to realise later that they want to do something completely different.

Julian and Bakani

I’m part of a duo called Julian and Bakani. We’re probably best known around the Sunshine Coast for our eclectic repertoire of songs and vocal harmonies. We’ve been friends for many years and continue to entertain crowds at various venues including restaurants, bars and breweries around the Sunshine Coast.

Wedding Entertainers

Bakani and I scrub up pretty well and perform background music at the start, middle and end of weddings. We also provide dinner and disco music. Our Sound Equipment is suitable for reasonable sized weddings and functions.