Julian’s music is infectious, upbeat and a lot of fun to listen to. Jules clearly has his “eye on the prize” and plans to take it to the top with original creative lyrics, and well-produced music.

Don’t You Love Me Yet would fit into any Adult Contemporary, New rock, Alternative, or Urban radio playlist, as the infectious grooves and sing-along nature of the choruses allow this track to be highly repeatable.

Don’t You Love Me Yet?

With a nod to the nostalgic and a hint of contemporary, this is a highly enjoyable track guaranteed to entertain. Listen Here: → Don’t You Love Me Yet?

Talk in Pictures is a very smooth sounding album with the feel of someone well beyond his years. It’s available on Bandcamp,  Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube et. al.

Julian Munyard is a talented artist whose music blurs the lines between indie rock, pop, and funk.” – Independent Reviewer

Julian (stokesauce) is an up and coming talent who has that magical *something* – star power. A sound all his own, a vibe that reaches out and pulls you up from your slumber. This lad is going places.bronzie94 

TALK IN PICTURES: Television, Treasure Chest, Ding, Harley Benson, I Wanna Go Surfing, Okay. (Dec 2020) Musicians get a fair share of all the music they stream on Bandcamp. https://julianmunyard.bandcamp.com

Caloundra Music Festival 2020

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