Events: Beerwah Hotel on Tuesday August 10, 2021

The Julian Munyard band performing at the Beerwah Hotel.

Tuesday August 10, 2021

The Musos once more enjoyed the Julian Munyard band (Julian, Bakani. Jack, Sam, and Max) on Tuesday night. Thank you to this youthful outfit, brimming with talent, for their commitment, presenting such a tight show. Players two and three times their age could certainly pick up some tips! After a superb set of originals (Julian played his album plus two new songs) the band was pressed for an encore and shocked me (and perhaps others) by performing the old Kenny Rogers classic the Gambler! I have nothing against country music of course and this song with its “ace that we might keep” (“every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser…”) has a lot going for it. The band’s version was entertaining too, so it probably says more about me that I should have anticipated something perhaps more recent or at least closer in style to Julian’s own writing. Good on you mate, keep dealing out the surprises.

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