#001 – Charlie: A Jack of All Trades

Charlie and I near Boomarang Beach

On a surf trip down to Forster we meet Charlie, a Jack of All Trades, at 85 he still races motorbikes and collects a number of cars, old and new. He was the bodyguard of Nelson Mandela, a filmmaker, and he has mined opals 122ft underground. His work has varied from universities to bikie gangs. Charlie talks in this interview of living multiple lifetimes, sounds a little crazy but basically what he means by this when you move your home to another country, state or city, or get married or re-marry that is counted as a new lifetime. Charlie has lived 22 lifetimes. This is a story that will examine what it means to make the most of what life offers you.

This is a story that examines what it means to make the most of what life offers you. Always on the hunt for a good interview, I took a little time out from our Surf Trip to NSW to interview Charlie, a man who has used all of his 85 years on planet earth to the max. Charlie’s an opportunist who’s been an opal miner, a park ranger, a bodyguard for Nelson Mandela, a filmmaker and a paramedic. Charlie’s work has varied from universities to bikie gangs.

At 85 he still travels to China to race motorbikes and has flown over the Serengeti plains in hot air balloon during the annual migration. He really is a Jack of All Trades.

Charlie shares his advice about raising kids, being the best at whatever you do, and making the most of every opportunity. His emphasis on the small amount of time we have, Charlie opens up about what made him successful and the tips he has for anyone who is willing to listen.

Charlie and I near Boomarang Beach

Question list.

So Charlie tell me about your education, ……. and at university, what did you study?

After you graduated from university you travelled Australia looking for ordinary jobs, but you stumbled the mining industry is that correct? And where did you go from there?

From what I’ve gathered it seems that you weren’t in a big hurry…

Whats your advice for young people growing up these days?

What are the key things you’ve learned from the many profession you’ve divulged into? And with that, how has that shaped you as a person?

Charlie you’ve really done a lot with your life, what do you suggest for people trying to do as much as they can in their little time.

What are some tips you wished you’d known with the many paths you’ve chosen?

You’ve mentioned before that we only have 70 years to accomplish everything among everything, which is a concept I’d like to take on, how does a person make good use of time?

You don’t drink or smoke either, what kind of affect has that had on your life?

You race motorbikes in China and your pushing 85, – I mean thats really what you call lust for life!

With everything you’ve accomplished, if you could do it all again what would you do differently?

When it’s all over and done with, what do you want to be remembered for?

You’ve seen Australia grow, do you think it’s easier or harder for youth growing up these days with the direction the world is taking?

I wonder what your journey would be like if you were born in this generation…

What was your prime time in your career was, and what were you doing?

And along the way, what did you enjoy most.

Charlie, this has been so many I’ve really enjoyed this, thank you so much for your time

Life Lesson and Takeaways:

We only have 70 years, use it well.

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