Black Bear Lodge May 2022

We had a fun Wednesday evening at the Black Bear Lodge, Thursday Maybe opened up with a warm selection of original songs and splendid harmonies, they also covered Friday I’m in love, by the Cure.

Yours truly, and the ‘Julian Munyard Band’ followed with as set which included the following songs.

  • Baby its you
  • Okay
  • Everyone does best
  • Radio
  • Chasing the wind 
  • Don’t you love me yet

LoveLoveLove with Dennis wrapped up the evening with a smooth, fun selection of songs warmly supported by the audience.

Julian and Dennis from LoveLoveLove
Julian and Dennis

The Black Bear Lodge turned out to be a very pleasant venue, with plenty of space, well worth a second visit.

Julian and Mum leaving the Black Bear Lodge after the gig
Julian and Mum

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