#004 – A/Professor Leo Hartley: Optometrist / Doctor of Medicine

Today’s episode is with Professor Leo Hartley. Leo is an optometrist and a Doctor, and along with his brother founded H2 Vision Centres on the Sunshine Coast. Leo holds the position of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne where he teaches final year optometry students about how optometry and general medicine can work together to care for patients’ eyes and general health. Leo puts emphasis on study, and to never stop learning your profession, his thoughts on AI will hopefully make you think about your future and what kind of effect technology will have on careers you may be interested in. In this episode you’ll hear him talk about the steps he took to be successful, his university life, and his insights into the future of optometry. Leo was able to retire at 50, but his ever growing desire to make a contribution led him coming back into the industry, and it’s this enthusiasm for life, living and learning that makes this episode worth listening to.

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