Everyone Does Best 

I’ve just released a new song, and I’d love for you to hear it, share it and let me know what you think of it.

The name Everyone Does Best came about when I was thinking about being under the pump to get something done, (as I often leave things to the last minute). I came to the conclusion that although it’s better to start something early and finish it in good time, there is also a beauty to doing something last minute, making it extremely stressful for yourself and those around you

There’s nothing new under the sun, it’s simply another way of saying diamonds are made under pressure or something. When they need to, everyone does their best!

Even on the deadline of this song I was still getting final touches on the mix, and straight after that I was on the phone with a friend of mine getting artwork done at 12:00am, which was an unintentional ode to the message of this track. Again, not ideal, but… everyone does best. 

The track takes a twist towards the end ([2:38]), it becomes light hearted and fun. I knew when I was writing it that I wanted to have this switch up in the composition.

Thank you for being in my life, I’m glad to be able to share my art with you.

You can listen to the track here https://album.link/s/4uQtROb4QYhtgiU5HqUVoW

Or you can buy the track for $1 on bandcamp here

Release Date: September 7th, 2022

Lazywax and Julian Munyard at Felons Barrel Hall

This show exceeded my expectations, for one, Felons Barrel Hall is a really nice venue looking out to the water, the stage is good, and the sound was good, and good sound is critical to a good show. 

Julian Munyard MainStage Felons Barrel Hall Brisbane 11 June 2022
Julian Munyard MainStage Felons Barrel Hall

We were supporting Lazywax, and the amazing thing about this is that in May 2021 I went to see Lazywax perform for the first time AT Felons, and I was fanboying hardcore. I’d heard Vol. 1 and couldn’t stop listening to it. Then, a year later, I’m performing with them as a support act for their headline show at the SAME venue. True honor it was.

Julian Munyard Felons Barel Hall Colour Photo of Band
Julian Munyard and Band at Felons Barrel Hall

I really like my band, but one thing we seem to do a lot of is rush the songs. Very common mistake I think for young bands.

One of our gigs supporting Donny Benet was atrocious for being what felt like 200bpm faster than usual, so I wanted to focus on not rushing for this show, if we could do that, I was stoked.

Julian Munyard and Band Font of House Black and White Photo
Julian Munyard and Band Font of House Felons Barrel Hall

I find taking the time before a song starts to look around and make sure my band and I are all on the same page really helps this, and it really did make a difference on the night. What was nice is that a lot of my friends came to support me and I could see them all in the crowd.

Julian Munyard and Bakani Kombani
Julian Munyard and Bakani Kombani

My good friend Jonty Brown (Go Tell Media) took all of these photos. By the end of the night there were quite a few stokesauce stickers stuck to tables and cups. 

Julian Munyard and Band Font of House Felons Barrel Hall Brisbane River
Julian Munyard and Band Font of House Felons Barrel Hall Black and White Photo

I love my friends Hans and Muller, long live LAZYWAX

Bands: Lazywax + Julian Munyard
Venue: Performing live at Felons Barrel Hall, Brisbane
Date: June 11, 2022

Julian Munyard Supporting Donny Benet

Julian Munyard supporting Donny Benet was probably my favorite trip to Sydney so far, altogether it was a wonderful couple of days with the band, and as usual we learned so much about traveling and touring.

We were on a tight budget so I chose the early morning cheap flights, this meant an early start for us, unfortunately we hadn’t yet learnt that if we fly virgin as registered muso’s we can get more luggage allowance for our instruments, all for free. 

So we had to fiddle with the luggage to get it all on the plane without additional cost, and to top it we had a MASSIVE road case for my DX7, which felt like it could have weight about 200kg .. somehow we got everything on the airplane.

Bakani always has good things to say when we look back at our first day in Sydney, we arrived so early that we had the entire day ahead of us before going to the venue where we were to perform.

Sam Ayling, Julian Munyard, Bakan Kombani and Max Harford on Darling Harbour Bridge

We spent it doodling around in the city, which led us to the best sandwich shop we’d ever been to. We could tell it was the best in town, because after we arrived all white collar workers came out of their glass cells and formed a decent line outside the restaurant. We ended up ordering a sandwich and a burger each.

I think people could tell we weren’t from the city simply by our appearance and slight fascination with revolving doors. Max almost broke one trying to stay still inside of it.

We ended up at our motel which was called Marco Polo Motor Inn, it had pink walls wherever you looked, and there was something nice about it. Our door ended up getting very jammed and the maintenance guy had to come over. 

Doodling around Sydney before the Show

We got on the bus with all our gear and headed to the venue, which funny enough was located inside Sydney University, there’s a whole venue in there.

Apparently it’s usually used for metal bands but Donny Benét was as far from a metal band as you can get, his music was smooth, crisp, there was groove, lots of it. I have to say Donny ’s set was amazing. What I notice about his band is that they play quietly, but it sounds so full and pretty.

Julian Munyard and Band

We played just before Donny, the place was quite full by that stage and I’m glad I invited people to come down to the front when I did. Two songs in I broke a string, which set me back a bit, not only that, but it put my entire guitar out of tune. It sounded horrible haha.

So I was standing there tuning my guitar with a tuner app because I didn’t even have a tuner pedal. We kept it together, but I think the suddenness of it hit me and I got quite nervous after that, which led to me playing really fast and I swear all of the songs from that point onwards were 30BPMs faster than usual haha.

Sound Check Manning Bar

It happens, and to be honest I’m glad it did. Paul and Kyle, good friends of mine that also happen to be my booking agents, gave us a lift back to the Motel, Tim Ayre came with us too. It was really nice of him to watch. I appreciated that a lot. 

We got about 3 hours of sleep from 1am to 4am, then got up and waited for the taxi to take us to the airport. 

Even landing on the Sunshine Coast, there is an automatic shift in atmosphere, the hustle just sort of disappears when you get here, which I like. 

Home Sweet Home (Sunshine Coast Airport)

That was it, I think it was something like 22 or 23 hours in Sydney, we didn’t even spend an entire day there. We were pretty exhausted by the end of it, but I’d do it all again

— o0o —

Caloundra Music Festival October 2021

Caloundra Music Festival: It was my pleasure to play at the Caloundra Music Festival on the 1st of October 2021.

Julian Munyard Sun Stage CMF

Julian Munyard (October 1st, 2021)

Set List

This is our first time playing a festival together and I’ve really been looking forward to being here with you all today, I’m Julian Munyard and the songs you’re about to hear are from an EP released last year, I’m Julian Munyard and I hope you all enjoy the next hour of music lets do it.


Thank you, (drink some water)

In 2 weeks a new song is coming out and you guys are the first to hear it, quite frankly I’m over the moon about it. It’s called Don’t You Love Me Yet. Lets get it 

Don’t you love me yet

I’m going to take this moment to introduce the band, to the right of me we have Jack Curry on Keyboard, Bakani Kombanie on percussion and vocals, Sam Ayling on Bass, and finally Max on the tubs. Alright, 

Treasure Chest

Over to the left of me is a little stall with some merch, we got some really cool stickers you can grab after the show. This song is called okay.


Bakani and I often play at a local bar called sneaky baron in Maroochydore, and the song we’re about to play is out favourite number to pull out of the bag so today we thought we’d play it. 

Cover 1 (Hey Ya)

As I said earlier I’m releasing a new song in two weeks, but I’ve been writing a lot of new content. and this song is about a guy who wakes up to find a man taking photographs of him outside his house.

Camera Man

Thank you. Talk in Pictures is a EP I released last year, which was born from being in and out of quarantine most of the year, and the next couple of songs are from that EP. This one is Harley Benson

Harley Benson

I wrote this number about the lies that media can tell through the hole in your living room wall. It’s called Television 


This is another new song, I heard a guy talk about songs with longer melodies, so instead of writing a song with 2 3 or 4 chords, I opened to the idea of using 6 t or 8 chords in a progression, and this is the result. This is steaming cup.

Steaming Cup

Sing along if you know this song

Cover 2 (LSD)

A few years ago when I was 14, I wrote this song, and I always played it acousticly, just me and my guitar, but today were playing it with my beloved band, and it feels like a brand new song. It’s called chasing the wind.

Chasing the Wind

As I said earlier, the talk in pictures EP was born from last years lockdowns and so forth, and this track is about being stuck on online school and really wanting to surfing with my friends.


Thank you. This is an unreleased track, and its about a Purple Man. 

Purple Melvin

Don’t forget to check out out Merch table!! Thank you and goodbye!

Encore: Cover 3* (Don’t go breaking my heart)

Julian Munyard’s Stokesauce: Life’s Beverage

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Stokesauce is my BAND, a great team of musician having fun an performance live at various venues along the Sunshine Coast.

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The Julian Munyard Band: Beerwah Hotel on Tuesday August 10, 2021

Live at the Beerwah Hotel on Tuesday August 10, 2021

Tuesday August 10, 2021

The Musos once more enjoyed the Julian Munyard band (Julian, Bakani. Jack, Sam, and Max) on Tuesday night. Thank you to this youthful outfit, brimming with talent, for their commitment, presenting such a tight show. Players two and three times their age could certainly pick up some tips! After a superb set of originals (Julian played his album plus two new songs) the band was pressed for an encore and shocked me (and perhaps others) by performing the old Kenny Rogers classic the Gambler! I have nothing against country music of course and this song with its “ace that we might keep” (“every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser…”) has a lot going for it. The band’s version was entertaining too, so it probably says more about me that I should have anticipated something perhaps more recent or at least closer in style to Julian’s own writing. Good on you mate, keep dealing out the surprises…


Julian Munyard Band Six String Studio

Treasure Chest by Julian Munyard released 11 December 2020

I’m pleased to share Treasure Chest with you which I released on the 11th of December 2020, it’s available Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and all the other popular places.

Add it to your playlists and share it in all the right places. – Thanks.

Treasure Chest by Julian Munyard

Treasure Chest by Julian Munyard released 11 December 2020

TELEVISION by Julian Munyard released 30th October 2020

I released TELEVISION on the 30th of October 2020. It’s a fun song, share it around, link it, add it to your playlist, tell your friends. Available on Soundcloud, Apple and Spotify, Deezer … and dozens of other places. #julianmunyard

TELEVISION by Julian Munyard

Album Artwork

TELEVISION by Julian Munyard released 30th October 2020

Television Lyrics


The television is talking to me
don't pay attention, won't ya just let me be
I started walking away from its scream,
can’t get away from its haunting me
show me who I am

The walls are painted with colorless blues
the one I want is too far up to choose
turn on the boob tube, I’m ready to loose
cure my boredom, tell me the news
show me who I am

When I tune in
come on excuse it now
I watched you, you taught me
and now you won't let go
la la, la la la la

I’m busy looking at the world through a whole,
watching the pictures change and unfold
Tell me who I am, who you want me to be,
messiah program, help rebuild me,
show me who I am

the television is talking to me
station to station, its all part of me
and I am still walking away from its scream,
on the receiver, I watch you tonight
Show me who I am

When I tune in
come on excuse it now
I watched you, you taught me
and now you won't let go
la la, la la la la